Sunday, 20 March 2011

How to Make Your Scale Thank You :)

Life is full of options. Only smart people opt the best!

Pilihan 1

gemok cm belon vs healthily slim

Pilihan 2

 sakit vs sihat

Pilihan 3

 medication vs good food

Pilihan 4

fast food vs nutritious herbalife shake!

These are some tips to get the better option of above pictures :)

1) Healthy diet
2) Water
3) Regular exercises

Herbalife completes the task 1. Our delicious shake contains everything u need in one perfect meal. Just imagine u're stuffing in the food pyramid. Haha..  So, x pyh susahkan kepala otak nak cari makanan sihat k. We make it simple :)

Water helps a lot in losing weight.  Bukti? Tekan SINI

Lastly, avoid being sedentary or afraid of massive-time-consuming kind of exercises. All we need is movement. The more you move, the healthier u get. X perlu heavy exercise pung. Brisk walk dah cukup, tapi amalkan setiap hari tau.

Cube la buat, confirm rasa nak naik penimbang tiap2 hari!  Penimbang pun x pyh susah2 nak scan badan kite lama2, sebab overweight. Haha. Good luck! :)

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