Sunday, 20 March 2011

How to Make Your Scale Thank You :)

Life is full of options. Only smart people opt the best!

Pilihan 1

gemok cm belon vs healthily slim

Pilihan 2

 sakit vs sihat

Pilihan 3

 medication vs good food

Pilihan 4

fast food vs nutritious herbalife shake!

These are some tips to get the better option of above pictures :)

1) Healthy diet
2) Water
3) Regular exercises

Herbalife completes the task 1. Our delicious shake contains everything u need in one perfect meal. Just imagine u're stuffing in the food pyramid. Haha..  So, x pyh susahkan kepala otak nak cari makanan sihat k. We make it simple :)

Water helps a lot in losing weight.  Bukti? Tekan SINI

Lastly, avoid being sedentary or afraid of massive-time-consuming kind of exercises. All we need is movement. The more you move, the healthier u get. X perlu heavy exercise pung. Brisk walk dah cukup, tapi amalkan setiap hari tau.

Cube la buat, confirm rasa nak naik penimbang tiap2 hari!  Penimbang pun x pyh susah2 nak scan badan kite lama2, sebab overweight. Haha. Good luck! :)

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

When I Want It Badly

Ok pagi2 dah terharu bace blog atie. Hebat kan kau -.-'

In a sudden aku rasa nak post-mortem what i had done in 2010

I NEVER FAILED TO ATTEND MOST OF HERBALIFE EVENTS & TRAININGS. tht's it. Tp what actually happened was, habis je training, the spirit and momentum i built faded. Even on the day after the events. Target punye besar tp ended up with 0.00vp again. (Maybe ade la kan >50vp utk own consumption) So ape yg aku dpt dari training sbnarnye?
Lepas aku fikir2 balik.. HAA! Just sebab aku rasa aku x perlu stress/urge nak buat herbalife and refuse to be productive.tu je. I was too comfort with the easiness of life and the young age. Tapi Alhamdulillah , i never felt like quitting. cuma malas and bertangguh je k.

January 2011 : Spectacular!

Balik Spectacular, again, semangat 2-3 minggu je, then dah start gelabah sebab exam was around the corner time tu. Biasela kan, dah name pun Linda. Tang2 study/result ni mmg aku hardcore sikit. Sanggup ponteng training lagi yu. paper FIM punye pasal. ( please be proud now,ustaz T.T )

However, i managed to produce a bit la January tu. At least. And bangge jugak bila tgk surat herbalife kat rumah, my name was listed as one of contributors to Ati's organisation volume. thanx to the 313vp. Betapa happynye saye =') Haha. Hopefully xde org herbalife bace post ni. Malu der

February 2011 : Bulan exam=PRODUCTS KENE CURIK!

Thank you to the bloody chinese stealer. Bulan tu mmg xde retail profit lgsung, savings yg aku ade utk bayar duit extravaganza, all used to ganti customer punye formula one. Rugi rm700+. Allah je taw mcm mane hati aku time tu. But nemind, aku yakin ade hikmah behind the happening.

March 2011 : EXPLODE!

Target=5000vp. bukan 3000vp k atie :) x kisahla kne sacrify x balik rumah 3 minggu, kne lost contact jap dgn kwn2 hangout, x shopping2, or terpaksa invest a lot utk transportation and etc, yg inda taw.. I WILL DO IT.
Ya Allah please give me guidance and strength. Amin.

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

I Miss Soko.

let's rock! (rock la sgt lagu si soko gedik nih)

Kalau hayati the lyrics dalam2, it actually means A LOT. (pls replace evrything lepas 'than____ with Allah n family ok?) Rank yr boyfriend last in the 'loved ones' list. Selagi x kahwin, x ke mana. hewhew :p

*ckp depan cermin*