Tuesday, 22 February 2011

When Dot Jots

Hello readers (if exists), welcome to my first post. After years of planning, i finally managed to create one. HAHA. Tahniah Linda. Well, exam's over! Wont be in CFS for these upcoming 3 months, bye la uia. Hanya uia students yg tau betapa happy perasaan nak tinggalkan uia tu. Hihi, seronok :D

I just got back from customer day in Anna Chantek Nutrition Club, Malacca. Comel kan nama club makcik tu? :p x bawak any guests pun, which was a loss i could say -.-' boooo Linda sebab x work using the system. So the moral of the story was, bawak ramai2 pegi events! According to my upline, 'Allah yg pegang hati dorg, u never know kan?' 

The speaker was Theva. (gmbar muka Theva x clear, sorry). Sumpah inspiring sgt2 sbb dulu Theva ni kerja tarik kreta je. Skrg buat Hlife fulltime! The thing that counts, he already found a lane that cud change his life (dr yakuza tarik kreta kepada herbalife wellness coach wo!), AND he's improving within. So nampak x? Penarik kreta pun sygkan kesihatan beb. Aku mybe x jumpa lg my strong 'why herbalife?', tp yg aku sgt2 pasti, if i choose to stay in it, my future life will be extraordinary! Cube korg mingle around dgn Herbalife people, they'll surely make u feel that nothing is impossible. Semua boleh, asalkan kau nak. Amazing! :)

InsyaAllah, i won't quit doing herbalife. The main key is to keep learning, and i'll earn more :D have faith bebeh. Last month income, rm300. Average income 2011, rm3k Amin, iAllah :)
To be highlighted : 3 BULAN FULLTIME HERBALIFE oh yeaaah!